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We all know that summertime means hot weather – and a whole lot of weddings. It’s the peak of wedding season, and naturally, attending your friends’ nuptials can get stressful when you have no idea what to wear. From your shoes to your tie, there’s a ton of variables to keep in mind, and we get it, gents – you want to be comfortable but still look stylish and smart. Watch the video below from Reiss to find out how to dress your best…

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By Hannah Rogers

We know entertaining outside sounds a bit daunting, but it’s much easier (and more fun) than you think. When the weather is warm and the days are long, moving your dinner party outside and enjoying the company of your neighbors, friends, and family makes summertime that much sweeter. Fire up the grill and follow these four simple tips for how to make outdoor dining easy and memorable…

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This week at the movies: The Independence Day sequel hits theaters just in time for, well, Independence Day; Blake Lively stars as a lone surfer who must singlehandedly fight off a vicious great white shark; and Matthew McConaughey is an abolitionist farmer during the Civil War who leads a rebellion for the books…

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One of the best things about summer fashion is getting to finally show off your feet in fun footwear. This season, we are seeing tons of lace-up and gladiator-style sandals, chunky ‘90s platforms, creative flats, and lots of shoes with fashionable, cool cutouts (especially open-toed booties and wedges). Watch the video below from A FASHION to see the latest trends and to find out how to kick off the season in style…

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By Hannah Rogers

It’s sandal season! Time to show off those toes and put away the cold-weather boots and thick socks for a while. But are your feet looking a little rough from a long winter of hibernation? Tell those feet to fear not – we know just how to revitalize and rejuvenate your feet so they are ready for the sunshine. Check out our tips below for getting your tootsies in tip-top shape (for men and women alike!)…

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